Doug (redrock) wrote,

I'm alive...kinda.

I'd write in here...if I had anything to write about.

The word "fun" hasn't existed in awhile. Luckily, in the last couple of days, it's become a little bit better.

I got to hang with the Don. I showed up to chill at work for a bit just as he was showing up for food. So I fixed him some grub, and then off we went for an evening of manly things. Or at least of going to Wal-Mart to look at manly things. Or CD's and movies. But still! It was good. First pleasurable thing I'd done outside of work (things with Vince don't count, 'cause that's my dawg) in awhile. Since Jessie and I went to Mandarin Garden, I guess (Yes, Amanda, we went to Mandarin...proud of me?).

Last night, in between solving dilemmas at work, Mike, Kathy, and I went and saw Mean Girls. Great flick, man. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Even Mike liked it, and, besides the latest film with a certain red superhero in it, he hasn't liked a movie to hit the theatres in quite awhile. So that's saying a lot.

Anchorman is next on the list. How can it NOT be the funniest movie of the year...if not one of the funniest of all time? I can't wait. Vince and I are going to catch it either tonight or tomorrow night. But definitely one or the other.

God, I'm tired. But I can't sleep. And that's no good. Sometimes my arms still feel empty when I try to sleep, and so it never comes. Yeah, it's lame. Yeah, it's pathetic. But I can't help it. Oh well.

I totally missed Manda while she was in town. That's no good. I was free for vast stretches of every day of her visit except one...the one they tried to call me on. Figures. That's the kind of luck I get.

Hmmm...well, when depression hits, it's about time to wrap it up. And so, that's what I'll do.
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