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It's six in the morning. Almost bed time.

The last few days, in a nutshell.

I saw Anchorman Saturday night with Vincent. That was after him getting pulled over by the nicest cop ever. We were flying trying to catch the flick. Getting pulled over made us we just drove really fast to a different theatre to catch another showing of it. Some fools never learn.

Sunday was the work all day day. As it will be, starting in two weeks, from now on. Open to close...fourteen hours of pizza bliss. Woo.

During my few hour break Sunday night, I went with Mike and Kathy to see Anchorman again. They missed it Saturday night, and I was more than willing to catch it again. And so I did. And it was just as funny the second time through - if not more so.

Today, didn't do much. It's my off day, as I spend the next six days at work. Tonight I hooked up with Steve. McDonald's and Cowboy Mouth. Fun night. Hadn't seen the big guy in awhile.

That about covers it for now. I still want to go see BNL next Tuesday. I don't know if it's going to happen. Haven't heard from Jake yet...

Oh. I forgot. On the people front...

I got to talk to Joanie briefly earlier today. That was awesome. As much as we e-mail each other, it was still great to actually talk to her - even though it was still just online. She said she's still trying to find time to get down to Evansville sometime.

I also talked to an old elementary school comrade (or at least someone I KNEW in elementary school). She was working at the theatre when I went to see Anchorman the second time (see, I KNEW I had to see it again), and I instantly recognized her, which is, I'll admit, a little weird after at least twelve years. So I left a far too long comment on her blog on her webpage and then talked to her for a bit online tonight. That was a highlight.

And Casey Jane, no, I didn't forget about you. So here's to my good buddy Casey Jane - I miss ya and hope you're doing well, kiddo.

Doug out.
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