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"I'm all tapped out" or "It was just there."

Ate at Biaggi's this morning. Kinda.

I now have fruit snacks. What is better in this world than fruit snacks? Okay, so a lot of things. But they're still good.

Cats drive me insane. I want to hit them hard with hammers sometimes. But I don't. Because I'm a humanitarian.

What does being a humanitarian have to do with being nice to animals? They're not humans. Wouldn't that make you an animatarian? Yes, I just invented that word. No, you can not steal it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm. Y'all ever seen it? Fantastic show. Just fantastic. I need Season Two. Now.

So seriously, BNL in Cincinnati in August. Yeah.

I just got tired. As in, just now. So I'm going to go write for an hour or two and then go to bed.

Quick people notes:

Hung with Steve.
Talked to Angela.
Talked to Amanda.
Talked briefly to Speech Writer Laura.
Got short e-mail from Jessie.
Tried (unsuccessfully) to call someone.

Okay, I'm outta here. Remember, if you haven't already declared yourself for the friends only journal, better do so now. This is your second warning. Then I'll start pulling out your fingernails one by one. Have a nice day!
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